Mark Reineck and Alex Reineck Sailing in Boracay
Hi, I'm Mark. Welcome to my page.

These are the things that I believe. I pledge to live according to these beliefs to the best of my ability. And when my life gets off track, as it sometimes does, I pledge to remember these beliefs as a reminder of who I am and what I am about and then to return to them.

In all circumstances I will try to do the right thing even though no one may give me credit or even recognize my actions. My reward is not based on credit or recognition from others. I may not always be correct in what I believe is right and I may not always succeed. But in the end, no matter what the outcome, I will know that I did my best and God will know also.

I believe that you might as well admit your mistakes. Most of the time people already know it was you anyway.

I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. I believe that everyone deserves forgiveness. I will ask for forgiveness when I need it and I will offer it when it is due. I will be tollerant of the shortcomings of others. I believe that it is not my place to judge others. I'm not perfect either. What do I really know about their situation anyway? And who's to say that they don't know more than me?

I believe that it is better to give than to receive.

I believe that saying a prayer before stepping into the batter's box is not faith. Faith is setting the bat down and waiting. Faith does not start until I stop trying.

I believe that anger is a negative influence that blocks all progress until it subsides. I will try to control my anger.

I believe that the biggest losers are those that never play the game. I believe in seizing the moment, in living like this day will be your last.

I believe that a truly confident person builds others up. They don't put others down because they are not threatened by their stature.

I believe that the mistakes that we have made cannot be undone, but as long as there is another day there is also another opportunity to do better.

I believe that people who cannot admit their mistakes cannot learn from them and are doomed to repeat them over and over. I will try to learn from my mistakes.

I believe that you never lose until you quit. I would rather try and fail than never know what the outcome would have been.

I believe that the reward is in the journey, not the destination, and sometimes when we find our pot of gold, it turns out not to be the gold that we thought we were looking for.

I believe that I can learn something from everyone I meet if I will just pay attention.

I believe in being true to yourself even if it means being different from everyone else.

I believe that a book is best judged by its contents, not its cover, and therefore first impressions are misleading. At the very least they are incomplete.

I believe that there is too much negativity passed around. I will offer more compliments than criticism.

I believe that most people take themselves entirely to seriously and that everyone should be able to laugh at themself. I believe that laughter cures most ills.

I believe in living outside of the comfort zone because that's the place where life exists. I believe in confronting fears, not cowering to them.

I believe that an open mind is a growing mind, and a closed mind is a dying mind. I believe in questioning the unquestionable.

I believe in God, though I don't claim to know his agenda. I'm not sure that it is knowable by the human mind. I hope that he gives partial credit because, at the very least, I believe that my heart is in the right place.

I will strive to leave every person I meet in a better place than where they were when we found them. I am truly sorrowful when my presence leaves someone worse off than before and I will try to make ammends.

I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well.

I believe that the best thing a parent can do for their children is to be the kind of person they want their children to become.

I believe that in the end we will be judged not by what we have accumulated but by what we have given away.

I believe in being transparent. Lying is just too much work. I am who I am. I've done what I have done. I have acepted it. What is the point in trying to be someone else.

Relationships are give and take. What we give is usually different from what we take. We give one thing and the other person takes it. The other person gives something else and we take that. It is appropriate from time to time to consider the things that we are giving and not receiving. But it is important also to remember that we are probably also receiving other things that we are not giving.

We can all decide what we will think. We can think about successes or losses. We can think about what we have or what we don’t have. We can have thoughts of anger, envy, vengeance, love, peace. We can think happy memories. We can count our blessings. We can plan for the future or we can think about giving up. What happens to us and how much enjoyment we have depends much more on what we choose to think than anything else.

This is what I believe. This is what I value. This is who I hope to be.

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